MINGYEN---The Professional Manufacturer of Magnets since 1979.

Magnets are widely used in AC or DC motors of electronic industry, machinery industry, medical equipments for health, in jewelry and door holders/lockers---all our daily life or high-tech. They've never been neglected in the past, now, even in the future. Their sizes can be thousands. Their shapes can be numerous varieties. Their energy can be very different. How to use them well? The EXPERT is the right one you are looking for to solve all your problems!

Mingyen Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. was set up in 1979, located at 533 Wu-kuang Road, Wu-Ji Hsiang, Taichung County, Taiwan. Over 40-year experiences in producing magnets, our products include Ferrite magnet series --- Isotropic magnets and Anisotropic magnets; Rare Earth magnet series--- NdFe magnets, MQ magnets and SmCo magnets, Alnico Alloy magnets; Plastic Injection magnet series; Rubber Magnet; Magnetic holders and equipments.

From raw material to tool opening, forming, sintering, cutting, grinding, cleaning, testing, 
magnetizing, and packing, all staffs are on their own position with their high tech-skills for providing you the high quality 
magnets you request.  Moreover, we can afford you a very special magnetizing, like Outer / Inner 
multipole magnetization

Hot Line Please dial: 886-4-23379771-3 or Fax to 886-4-23373311
MINGYEN --- the one who can offer you the magnets you are looking for.
MINGYEN --- the one who can solve the problems you have.

MINGYEN --- the one who can offer the sizes & shapes of magnets you need.
MINGYEN --- the one who can offer any special magnets.